Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday July 16, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
Several of the youth were called upon to speak about their experience working for Habitat for Humanity. One girl talked about how neighbors sat outside and watched and how people driving by would circle around and look at what was going on.

A talk was given on kindness. She asked, "What if someone is offensive? Love them. What if someone is wayward? Love them. No matter the circumstance the answer is the same."

Another gave a talk based on a talk by N Lendon Tanner from 34 years ago.

Elder Tanner quoted Brigham Young, "We are not, in our current state, called to judge anyone else. If we were we would ruin everything."

We are quick to judge others by a standard that we ourselves are unwilling to be judged by.

Sunday School
We talked about the ten tribes breaking off from the rest of Israel.

We talked about the qualities of good leaders. The instructor proposed these five qualities based on 1 Kings.
  1. They give service.
  2. They trust and obey God.
  3. They have faith in God.
  4. They teach from the scriptures.
  5. They are followers of the prophet.
Hezekiah removed the high places and groves. The instructor said that the high places were holy places that had been desecrated. Groves were idolatry where immoral acts were also performed.

We studied from chapter 14 of the Wilford Woodruf manual.

We talked of Zion's camp. Many often think that they would've gone if they had been called upon to do the things the pioneers were. Yet we don't even do our home and visiting teaching.

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