Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday January 21, 2007

Sacrament Meeting
One of the youth talked of the members of the Godhead being separate, distinct beings. She sites scripture and then testified that they were separate beings with one purpose. The speaker that followed her expounded on that thought.

A member of the bishopric spoke last and he also talked about the Holy Ghost. He went down the road of how we can have the spirit with us more. He talked about cleaning the junk out of our lives, both spiritually and physically.

He also talked about that we don't need to be entertained all the time. We don't need to have the TV on all the time. We don't need to have a CD going or the radio on when we travel. He said that sometimes just a quiet time to think is enough. Might be a good time for light meditation and pondering.

He said that we also need to keep our hobbies from eatting up all our time. What if service was our hobby?

Sunday School
We touched on Jesus' remarks when his mother found him teaching int he synagog. Yes he was about his father's business, as he should be, and it was a reminder to his parents of his purpose. On the other hand, even though Jesus was perfect, in that he never committed sin, did not mean that he didn't learn line upon line and precept upon precept. He wasn't sinning because he hadn't been mindful of where his parents were, but maybe he just didn't entirely understand and needed to be taught.

Chapter 2 in the Spencer W Kimball manual.
Tragedy was with Spencer early in his life when before the age of 12 he lost 2 sisters and his mother to death. Did the Lord cause these deaths? Does he cause the deaths of those that die in car wrecks, plane crashes, and such? President Kimball said he didn't know. The Lord takes some he needs, but others go when it is their time. Perhaps when they have accomplished all that they could here.

We didn't come to earth to be protected or for a life of ease. We came for trials and tests.

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