Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday April 8, 2007

Sacrament Meeting
The Primary sang.

One of the high councilmen from the stake spoke about his experience in churches before he joined our church and the things that he has learned about the savior through it all. He learned of the personal nature of the atonement and the importance of baptism.

The ward choir sang.

A member of the bishopric spoke. He said that the atonement removes the effects of sin from the repentant person and allows them to reconcile themselves to God.

He said that the opening hymn - I Believe in Christ - was written by Elder Bruce R. McConkie. He read Elder McConkie's testimony in the final talk he gave before he died. Elder McConkie bore testimony of the atonement.

The Bishopric member also quoted from Elder Eyring's talk from the last General Conference where he said that man's days have been prolonged to allow them time to repent.

He talked about how often we pray for rain, but don't plow our fields to receive the rain. How often do we want the atonement, but don't do our part.

Sunday School
Jesus talking about not giving the gospel to the dogs to the Canaanite woman. She knew that he meant that the gospel was not to be taught to any but the Jews at that time and not the Canaanites yet. She commented that even the dogs got to have the scraps from the table. She also knew the term for dog that he used was as a beloved pet and not just a wild dog. At that point he began opening up the teaching of the gospel to others than the Jews.

Miracles are based on faith.

The gospel started being taught to Adam and flowed from him to the chosen people to Israel. It then went to the gentiles. It is now in the process of returning to Israel.

Peter was given all the keys of the priesthood. From Moses he received the keys to the gathering of Israel. From Elijah he received the key to sealing on Earth and in Heaven.

God said to Peter, James, and John to hear his Son. When he says hear he means listen and obey.

Chapter 7 - Spencer W. Kimball
Personal Testimony
We all weave threads of golden testimony throughout our lives. Each testimony comes together at a different time, in different ways, with different threads, but form a beautiful tapestry of testimony.

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