Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday October 21, 2007 - Sunday Services Cumberland Ward

Sacrament meeting
One of the young women talked about some of her experiences in working in her young woman personal progress book.

2nd speaker
In the NT church they had leaders over territories and such. Moses also divided the church into manageable groups.

Apostasy not about outside influences, from those within becoming more selfish.

Some were focused on who baptized them rather than the authority. Some were haughty about having been baptized by Paul even though the other church leaders had the same authority.

The apostasy occurred not because the apostles were gone. The apostles were gone because the apostasy occurred.

3rd speaker
Spoke on reverence, prayer, scripture reading, pondering, service.

Forgive them for they know not what they do. Think of that when others transgress against us. Do they really understand what they are doing.

Sunday School
Paul missionary journeys
After three missionary journey's he returned to Jerusalem. The first thing he did when arriving was report to the Church leadership of how his mission was. Much like missionaries do today when their mission is complete.

Paul called out by Jewish Christians in the temple for teaching that salvation came through Christ rather than the Law of Moses. Many people raised the Law of Moses above whatever new God might given them. Worshiping the law more than God.

The Women of the Church - Spencer W Kimball manual chapter 20
The manual shared one of President Kimball's stories about his mother. Part of it went like this, "She was serving as first counselor in our Relief Society in Thatcher, Arizona, and the presidency went to a sister's home where a sick baby had prevented the mother from doing her sewing. Mother took her machine, a picnic lunch, her baby, and a high chair, and they began work. She wrote that night, we 'made four aprons, four pairs of pants and started a shirt for one of the boys.' They had to stop at 4 P.M. to go to a funeral, so we 'did not get any more than that done.' I would have been impressed by such achievement, rather than thinking, 'Well, that's not much.'"

The manual also stated, "Having been given different responsibilities, women and men are to work together in a partnership of equality and respect."

The lesson talked about that because of our differences and different responsibilities sometimes men and women mistreat each other. We need to keep in mind that each of our roles are important and necessary.

"God has called women to help enrich, protect, and guard the home and family." Many ideas of our society get in the way of women fulfilling this calling. We should assess if our families goals and behaviors are in line with achieving this calling or if our lifestyle is hindering it.

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