Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday December 9, 2007 - Sunday Services Cumberland Ward

Sacrament Meeting
A missionary who just returned from his mission to Romania spoke to us. He talked a little about the history of the Church in Romania. With Joseph Smith's birthday coming up he also talked a little about him.

He commented that Josiah Quincy, the Mayor of Boston, commented on Joseph Smith's good character. I wasn't able to write fast enough to catch the reference.

Sunday School
Revelation 1–3; 12
Lesson 45 - “He That Overcometh Shall Inherit All Things”
God will eventually triumph over the Devil. Even if we don't understand all of the detail as we read, knowing that it keeps with this theme will help us somewhat.

The lesson manual says, "The three introductory chapters of the book record John’s testimony of the truthfulness of the revelation, John’s instructions from the Lord, and John’s counsel to the seven branches of the Church in Asia. Chapter 4 records John’s vision of heaven, and chapters 5 through 20 record his vision of the triumphant destiny of God’s kingdom. This vision shows the battles against Satan’s kingdom, the destruction of Satan’s kingdom, and the final scenes in the world’s history. After this is a vision of the new heavens and new earth—the world in its celestial state (Revelation 21:1-5). The book of Revelation concludes with the angel’s testimony and additional counsel from the Lord."

Candlesticks are branches of the Church. Angels of the seven churches are servants. In the midst of the candlesticks or branches was Christ. Stars are the leaders of the seven branches.

The word of the Lord are a two edged sword in that it convicts those that don't accept the gospel and also those that do accept it who do not obey.

I needed to go help out in Primary, so I missed the last little bit of the lesson and all of Elders' quorum meeting.

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