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Church Services This Week at Sullivan Hollow Second Ward Weber Heights Stake Ogden Utah July 7-18-2010

Alma 6:6
 6 Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that they should gather themselves together oft, and join in afasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God.

Priesthood vs keys of the priesthood
A bishop is a bishop for life and has those keys, but only the bishop called to preside over a body has those keys active.

Keys do not give one more priesthood, just authority to exercise parts of the priesthood.

Melchizedek Priesthood Offices
High Priest

Aaronic Priesthood Offices

Priesthood leaders are like the front of a flying V when birds fly.  The leader flies ahead taking the brunt of the work and gradually distribute the work to the rest of the workers.  Eventually that leader is released and someone else is called to take the lead.

Teachers can be home teachers.

Priests can baptize and witness baptisms.

One of the roles of priesthood is to guide our will to God’s.  Many times priesthood blessings have council on how to exercise our faith and/or align our will to His.

The teacher passed out this list of scriptures and quotes to help with our study of the lesson:
1. 1 Kings 11:29-32
2. Matthew 12:25
3. 1 Kings 12:3-4
4. 1 Kings 12:6-7
5. 2 Chronicles 10:7
6. 1 Kings 12:8-11
7. 1 Kings 12:12-17
8. 1 Kings 12:7
9. 1 Kings 11:29-31
10. 1 Kings 12:20, including footnote 20b
11. 1 Kings 11:38
12. 1 Kings 12:26-33
13. 1 Kings 13:33-34
14. 1 Kings 14:21-24
15. Helaman 14:30-31
16. Quote: President Ezra Taft Benson taught: "Often we spend great effort in trying to increase the activity levels in our stakes. We work diligently to raise the percentages of those attending sacrament meetings. We labor to get a higher percentage of our young men on missions. We strive to improve the numbers of those marrying in the temple. All of these are commendable efforts and important to the growth of the kingdom. But when individual members and families immerse themselves in the scriptures regularly and consistently, these other areas of activity will automatically come. Testimonies will increase. Commitment will be strengthened. Families will be fortified. Personal revelation will flow" (The Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson [ 1988], 44).

A good leader
1. Gives service
2. Trusts and obeys the Lord

We are told to follow our leaders, but we are also told to not take their word for it, but study and ask the Lord ourselves.

Doctrine and Covenants 58:27-28
 27 Verily I say, men should be aanxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness;
 28 For the power is in them, wherein they are aagents unto themselves. And inasmuch as men do good they shall in nowise lose their breward.

The Youth Spectacular was this weekend.  Thoughts were given about it.

.Youth Spectacular Links
We do not sit for truth and righteousness. We stand for truth and righteousness.

Missionary that just returned from Slovenia spoke to us.  The whole country has 200 members.  60 of them are active.

Doctrine and Covenants 123:12-13
 12 For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are ablinded by the subtle bcraftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to cdeceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they dknow not where to find it—
 13 Therefore, that we should waste and awear out our lives in bringing to light all the bhidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven—

A pioneer is not a woman who makes her own soap. She is one who takes up her burdens and walks toward the future. With vision and with courage she makes the desert bloom. (LAUREL THATCHER ULRICH, “A Pioneer Is Not a Woman Who Makes Her Own Soap, Ensign June 1978)

Elder David B. expanded it in this way, “‘A pioneer is not [necessarily] a woman who makes her own soap’ or a man who grubs sagebrush from the land. Pioneers are those who take up their burdens and walk toward the future. With vision and with courage they make the desert blossom and they press on toward new frontiers.” (David B. Haight, “A Call to Serve,” Ensign, Nov 1988, 82)

From the Bulletin:
"One hundred and fifty years ago our people were leaving Nauvoo and threading their way across the prairies of Iowa. None of us, I am confident, can appreciate the measure of sacrifice which they made in leaving their comfortable homes to brave the tempest of the wilderness on a journey that would not end until they reached this valley of the Great Salt Lake. Their suffering was immeasurable. They died by the hundreds for this cause of which each one of us is a part.
"I was in Palmyra this past summer and in Nauvoo, and in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which they had called Kanesville out of respect and love for a loyal friend. I stood where the Grand Encampment assembled when they reached the Missouri River. I have been over the trail from the Missouri to this valley a number of times. For me it is always a sacred experience. I am so deeply grateful for our inheritance...
"Ours is the blessing to live in a better season. The terrible persecutions of the past are behind us. Today we are looked upon with respect by people across the world. We must always be worthy of that respect. We must earn it, or we will not have it." President Gordon B. Hinckley, "Listen by the Power of the Spirit", Ensign, Nov. 1996, 4.

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