Sunday, May 13, 2012

Church Services This Week at Sullivan Hollow Second Ward Weber Heights Stake Ogden Utah 13 May 2012

Elders Quorum
George Albert Smith manual - chapter 9
“I was trained at the knee of a Latter-day Saint mother. One of the first things I remember was when she took me by the hand and led me upstairs. In the room there were two beds, the bed in which my parents slept, and a little trundle bed over on the other side. I can remember it as if it were yesterday. When we got upstairs, she sat down by my little trundle bed. She had me kneel in front of her. She folded my hands and took them in hers, and taught me my first prayer. I will never forget it. I do not want to forget it. It is one of the loveliest memories that I have in life, an angelic mother sitting down by my bedside and teaching me to pray.”

Even if our prayers sometimes feel lame, we should still pray everyday.  If we make it a habit not all prayers will be golden, but the will get better at it over time.  If we don't make it happen and
only prayer when we have a solid prayer to give then you will have much fewer solid prayers than if it was a habit to do it daily whether a perfect prayer or not.  Empty prayers often times become good prayers as we are delivering them..

Sunday School
Mosiah 12-17
Part of the reason we have the scriptures is so that we can learn from others mistakes.  Have we learned from them or do we still choose to learn by making the same mistakes ourselves?

The priests of King Noah pulled out Isaiah to try trip up Abinadi and they end up being hoisted on their own petard.

The law of Moses was a temporary thing.

Mosiah 13:28-31
28 And moreover, I say unto you, that salvation doth not come by the law alone; and were it not for the atonement, which God himself shall make for the sins and iniquities of his people, that they must unavoidably perish, notwithstanding the law of Moses.
29 And now I say unto you that it was expedient that there should be a law given to the children of Israel, yea, even a very strict law; for they were a stiff necked people, quick to do iniquity, and slow to remember the Lord their God;
30 Therefore there was a law given them, yea, a law of performances and of ordinances, a law which they were to observe strictly from day to day, to keep them in remembrance of God and their duty towards him.
31 But behold, I say unto you, that all these things were types of things to come.

Galatians 3:24
 24 Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.

As children get older some of our rules change for them.  Even for different children with different personalities, challenges, and so forth we have to adapt the rules.  The same with the Law of Moses and
the Lord.

Sacrament Service
My daughter gave a mother's day talk about her mother.

She talked about my wife's epilepsy and my wife's attitude toward it.

One of the other speakers talked about his wife and some of the struggles she has gone through recently.

John 15:13
 13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

One cannot forget mother and remember God. One cannot remember mother and forget God.” (President Thomas S Monson, “Behold Thy Mother”, Esign April 1998)

One speaker talked about the power of a mother's example.

The 2000 stripling warriors - mama's boys

Alma 56:48
48 And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it.

From the Bulletin
"We are living in a great season for all women in the Church. Sisters, you are an essential part of our Heavenly Father's plan for eternal happiness; you are endowed with a divine birthright. You are the real builders of nations wherever you live, because strong homes of love and peace will bring security to any nation."
Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "The Influence of Righteous Women," Ensign, Sept. 2009, 7–8

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