Sunday, February 09, 2014

Church Services This Week at Ridge Crest Ward Northridge Stake Layton Utah 9 February 2014

Elder Quorum
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith, Chapter 3, The Plan of Salvation

We call the Cold War a war, even though we weren't battling with swords.  I don't know if there was some physical element of the war in heaven, but we definitely see a battle of ideas and words now.

We see people or groups attack the Church's doctrines, often passionately.

Sunday School
Old Testament Lesson 6, Noah and the Flood

The people in Noah's day did not see what the problem was.  They felt they were doing just fine.  Some may have agreed with some of Noah's teaching, but the idea of it raining or some other doctrine may have been too hard for them.

"We all need to build a personal ark, to fortify ourselves against this rising tide of evil, to protect ourselves and our families against the floodwaters of iniquity around us. And we shouldn’t wait until it starts raining, but prepare in advance. This has been the message of all the prophets in this dispensation, including President Hunter, as well as the prophets of old." (W. DON LADD, Make Thee an Ark, General Conference October 1994)

You may not need a year supply of food for yourself, but you may need to provide food for 52 families for one week.

“[When Noah built the ark] there was no evidence of rain and flood. … His warnings were considered irrational. … How foolish to build an ark on dry ground with the sun shining and life moving forward as usual! But time ran out. The ark was finished. The floods came. The disobedient and rebellious were drowned. The miracle of the ark followed the faith manifested in its building” (President Spencer W. Kimball, Faith Precedes the Miracle [1972], 5–6).

Sacrament Service
The stake president split our ward today into the Grey Hawk and Ridge Crest Wards.

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