Sunday, May 18, 2014

Church Services This Week at Ridge Crest Ward Northridge Stake Layton Utah 18 May 2014

Elders Quorum

Teachings of Presidents of the Church:  Joseph Fielding Smith chapter 10
Our Search for Truth
What style of learning do we have?  What techniques do we use to learn truth.

Sunday School
Joshua had big shoes to fill after Moses and he had huge challenges to overcome.  The Lord promised him that he would be with him.

The Israelites were very attached to Moses and the Lord showed them that He was with Joshua, just as he had been with Moses.  For example, the Jordan river was parted just as the red sea had been.  The difference this time was that it was parted when the people exercised faith and stepped into the water.

"There are no completely private choices” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1987, 101; or Ensign, May 1987, 80).

Sacrament Service
A missionary that recently returned from a mission to Oregon spoke to us.

Heavenly Father's answers and promptings are often subtle and come at sometimes unexpected times.

Make our prayers sincere and our study a feast.

Our fast offerings go locally and the excess guess to help around the world.

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