Sunday, June 01, 2014

Church Services This Week at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church Wakarusa Indiana 1 June 2014

Congregational Meeting
We went to my nephew's dedication service today.

Do we love our neighbor if we complain about our coworkers to others?

Do we love our neighbors if we are excited to drop our children at daycare because they frustrate us or because we have a lot of things to get done.

Not sharing the gospel can be like letting someone asleep in a canoe go down the river toward a waterfall.  It could also be like not speaking up when you see a small child run into the road.

We should not beat people over the head to warn them, but we still warn them and show them in our example.

It is difficult to pray for someone who we are upset with.  It is also difficult to be upset with someone for whom we are praying.

God is not on the other side of some tragedy you are going through or some sin you are struggling to overcome.  He is there with you to give you strength and help you overcome.

We gain joy through loving:
In that order. But we must love all three.

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