Sunday, May 24, 2015

Church Services This Week at Ridge Crest Ward Northridge Stake Layton Utah 24 May 2015

Sacrament Service
One of the youth spoke about honoring your parents.
Mosiah 17 -  Alma the younger.

Had Alma honored his parents, he would not have had to go through such a hard thing.  Likely both of his parents were very concerned about his behavior.

Someone spoke about his wife, his mother and grandmother.

Sunday School
My teaching partner’s lesson on How Do I Improve My Scripture Study.
The scriptures can help us recognize the hand of God in our lives. When we read our scriptures we can read experiences of others that remind us of things that we have experienced personally that we may have missed.

Elders Quorum
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Ezra Taft Benson Chapter 10
Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon
“I realized that I could give every individual on my street the opportunity to receive a copy of the Book of Mormon.

“But there was a problem—they knew me. They knew about my dog that barked too often—and too early in the morning. They knew that my yard was not the garden spot of the neighborhood. They knew my shortcomings as a neighbor; they would probably turn me away.

“I determined to have faith and go ahead anyway. I would offer them the book—even if they might throw it away, or let it collect dust on their shelves for years. Yet I found myself thinking negatively; I had almost convinced myself that nothing could come of my efforts.

“Then I remembered that I knew my neighbors at least as well as they knew me. A few had told questionable jokes at the last community development meeting, and a few had drunk too much at the last neighborhood barbecue. Some seemed to have little purpose in their lives. I wondered what I would have been like if I weren’t a member of the Church, or if I’d never heard of the Book of Mormon. Clearly, this book could help those who would give it a chance.

“So I contacted everyone on my street and offered them a copy of the Book of Mormon—and they all thanked me! It went so well that I went to the next street, completed my subdivision, and then went on to the next subdivision. When I was through, I had visited 104 houses and placed forty books.” (Howard J. McOmber II, in “Finding Truth in the Book of Mormon,” Ensign, Jan. 1996, 10–11.)

“While the Bible helped me know about what Jesus did for people in the Holy Land, the Book of Mormon gave me a deeper understanding of what He has done for me.”

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