Sunday, September 06, 2015

Church Services This Week at Ridge Crest Ward Northridge Stake Layton Utah 6 September 2015

Sacrament Service

Stake Theme:
  • September - Paying a generous fast offering, evaluate your offerings and adjust if needed.
  • Reference Scripture: Isaiah 58
  • Reference Talk: Fast Offering: Fulfilling our Responsibilities to Others - Victor L. Brown - May 1981
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Sunday School
My teaching partner gave a lesson on fasting.  Some of his lesson he took from the Gospel Principles manual chapter on fasting.

Elders Quorum
The lesson was based on a October 2006 General Conference talk "O Be Wise", by M Russell Ballard.
Jacob 6:12
12 O be wise; what can I say more?

We need to delegate some responsibilities to our home teaching companion to share the opportunities for growth.  We should not try to do everything alone.

We need to show our home teachers that we expect them to be there each month even if most times it is routine or mundane. If they are familiar to us and trusted to be there in the mundane things we will be able to trust them in the important times.

We need to take an interest in our home teaching families especially their children.

People are often motivated by what is interesting, engaging, or urgent.

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