Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday March 12, 2006

Sacarment Meeting
The speakers talked about the importance of the temple. One of them made the statement that the temple should be sacred second only to our homes. I think I have heard similar things before, but it always makes me think about what goes on in our homes.

Sunday School
We talked about Abraham's servant going to get Isaac a wife.
The servant postponed eating until he had told why he was there. He also hastened to go rather than rest and partake of the festivities that the family wanted to put on.
Why was it significant that Rebecca offered to water the camels. We talked about that each camel needed 30 gallons of water and Abraham's servant had ten camels with him. That would be 300 gallons of water for her to dip out of the well and deliver to the camels.

The Holy Ghost and Personal Revelation
We had a good discussion on how recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

I have often thought that it might be a rather personal thing, which is why it can be so hard. It is different for each person much like different people people feel loved in different ways (some like touch. Some like words). Maybe it is, but it is probably more like figuring out how you body works. Like when you learn how to play a sport of some kind. You have to figure out how to make your muscles do what you want them to. It is probably even more basic than that. Maybe like walking or potty training for a child.

What was brought out in class was that the more we are obdient the more we feel the spirit. In addition, the more times we act on what we are prompted to do or not do and pay attention to the fact that we received a prompting, the more we will understand what the promptings feel like.

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