Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday March 26, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
One of the talks today talked about how some other churches have "children's church". This is a service that goes on while church is going on. The speaker talked of how different it was to have the chatter of children in a church service. I think I understand why they would have such a thing, yet I think it is good to have kids learn to sit through a church service and also be able to have time for training at their level. Also I think there is value in allowing all members to have one meeting that they can go to. Those who would lead a children's meeting during services would not be able to go to an adult service.

Sunday School
We were asked to imagine that we were dead. We were then asked to reflect on what trials we had in mortality. What did we learn? How could we have used our time better? I think we got into talking about that as we talked of Joseph's trials.

Pharoah's dream
Someone in class stated that Pharoah had dreams all the time, which is why he had people on staff to interpret them. This time no one had any idea what the dream meant.
It is interesting that Pharoah listened to the Joseph since he was in prison and since Pharoah did not believe in God.

Joseph bringing his family into Egypt to save them is how the children of Israel ended up in Egypt before Moses had to get them out of there.

We got to talking about Joseph laying up food for the famine and lean times. We also talked about how important food storage will be for us and how the prophets have told us that food storage may be as important to us as building the art was to Noah.

What matters most lasts the longest.

Someone talked of a family in Lawrence township not wanting their kid to read a book that they considered offensive. The family ended up pulling the kid out of school as the school said that they were going to continue to use the book. I think they said that the school did say that the kid did not have to read it. I got to thinking about people who pay taxes to buy those books. I should think that some of them should be upset whether they have kids in school or not. Their money is paying for those books.

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