Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday June 11, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
What does it take for us to change our ways. Will we wait until something terrible happens? Until what we are doing kills us? Until our children have problems after our bad habits.

I myself put together ideas at one time for a talk that talked of something similar to this. My grandmother smoked for years. I would hide her cigarrettes, but she would not stop. Finally she was diagnosed with cancer. She then quit. It was too late.

Before you pray, pray for what you should pray for. Many times it is hard to pray because it feels like we are saying the same thing each time.

Sunday School
We discussed Saul's good characterists and how he lost them. When he first was king he would not allow those that opposed him to be put to death.

As his time went on Saul became prideful and relied on his own authority. An example of this is when he offered the offering to the Lord when Samuel was late.

When Saul offered the sacrafice of the animals of the people that they were to completely destroy it was not a sacrafice, because it was not their animals.

Make our wants known and leave it in his hands.

We should take all things to the Lord. This would include solving a problem you are working on at work, even though the work you are doing is temporal.

Sometime perhaps just thank and don't ask.

We should also make sure we pay attention to others' needs and pray for them.

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