Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday June 4, 2006

Sacrament Meeting (Testimony Meeting)
One person expressed that blessings are contingent upon work. Are there random blessings that he knows that we need? Perhaps. Are some of the blessings we receive trials or having things withheld from us. Many times, yes.

I think the statement that blessings are contingent upon work may be a little too specific, but I do think that work does bring us blessings and in many cases our blessings are contingent upon us doing something. I believe that sometimes when our prayers seem to not being answered that maybe we haven't sought out everything that is our responsibility in the matter or that until we reach out past ourselves we can't get the answer or the blessing.

Testimony: A testimony is not what we say, but what we express through our spirit. This is why it should be brief and to the point.

Sunday School
Thinking of ourselves causes our spirituality to decline. How many times do we not want to take the time or effort for Family Home Evening, Family Prayer, Family Scripture study, or even to fast?

We started the book of 1 Samuel today. We talked of Israel wanting a king because all the other nations had kings.

The lesson was taken from the First Presidency message from the June Ensign.

What types of voice are we hearing today? Political, profane, warring... Do we hear the voices of the spirit (love, peace...) much at work or on TV? Where will we or our kids hear them? Our kids will hear them from us or at church or in places where that is the primary concern. Our homes need to be places where that is the primary concern. We can here them at church, from our home teachers, at the temple, and so forth.

A couple of side points that were brought out in the lesson by class members:
  • Do we disrespect the gift of life by doing death defying things to get a rush or a high?
  • People act like a stampede at times. They get something in their heads and don't hear influences that would help them to be safe.
  • You can tell who you are by what you think when you don't have to think. (I think this one was from President Faust's talk.

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