Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday August 13, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
One of the youth spoke on seminary and the things he has gotten out of it. He said he learned more about the scripture stories that he heard when he was younger.

One of the Seminary teachers talked of the importance of pondering the scriptures as well as reading them. She also said that reading them aloud can reveal emphasis.

It is our job to put the scriptures in us. It is the Holy Ghost's job to pull them out.

The other seminary teacher said that seminary is preparing our kids for church service.

Sunday School
Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are called wisdom literature. The writers were not prophets, but possibly inspired men.

Seek after the word of God like we seek riches to make a living and we will gain knowledge and understanding.

Living by Faith
We rely too much on borrowed light. We check what people say in talks against what we already believe rather than praying about it.

It is good to believe, better to practice it.

We have lots of knowledge, but how we use it is wisdom.

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