Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday August 6, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
Someone bore testimony about the importance of having a ward family, especially when your blood family is away. He said he enjoyed the support that he received while his wife was out of town.

A black brother talked about joining the church in 1968 before he was able to have the priesthood. It seems to be a non issue for him, but I would still like to listen to a group of black brethren or even just one talk about joining the church in the 60's and before to find out what that was like for them. I would like to hear if they had trouble reconciling not having the priesthood. I would also like to know how white members of the church received them in comparison to how the rest of society was receiving them.

Another brother talked about how we should prove that we know things by our actions. At first I thought he was talking about proving that what we say we know is true to convince others, but then I caught on that he was talking about not having empty testimonies. About doing something with that testimony to show that we know it.

Sunday School
We covered 2 Chronicles 29–30; 2 Chronicles 32; 2 Chronicles 34 The subject that we explored in them was "Come to the House of the Lord".

Hezekiah, the king of Judah, reopened the temple. The priests and Levites are instructed to cleanse it and sanctify it. Another indication of the Levites special calling.

Some related that in the past someone had forced their way into the Washington DC temple and stayed in their for a couple of hours. Someone else said that after that they closed down the temple and redicated it.

The lesson was on the first presidency message for the month of August.

Pioneer - One who goes before to prepare or open the way for others to follow.

Moses literally opened the way for others to follow when he asked the Lord to part the Red Sea.
John the Baptist was a pioneer in that he prepared the way for the Lord.
John Tinsdale learned Greek and made the first translation of the Bible into English. Before then the general membership of the Catholic church was not allowed to read the Bible. Tinsdale stated to the Pope that he would cause the plow boy to know more about the scriptures than the Pope did.

Jesus is the greatest pioneer. He gave a new law and opened the way for repentance.

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