Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sunday December 31, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
The home is the only place that compares to the sacredness of the temple. Things that we let into our homes can decrease how close our home is to being like the temple.

Setting goals keeps us focused and moving in the right direction.

Sunday School
Intro to the study of the New Testament for next year.

A Testament is a covenant with mankind and deity.

The teacher handed out a handout on Study Skills.

Study Skills
Before Reading
  1. Prayer
    1. Ezra 7:10
  2. Get Background Information
    1. Bible Dictionary
    2. Section Headings
  3. Ask Questions
    1. Who wrote these verses?
    2. To whom?
    3. Why is this teaching includes in the scripoture?
    4. What do I want to know or learn as I read today?
    5. What would the Lord have me know or learn as I read today?
  4. Read the chapter headings.
During Reading
  1. Don't be afraid to stop
    1. Don't be so caught up in getting through a chapter that you don't take time to stop or slow down in order to understand.
  2. Look up the meaning of words you don't understand.
    1. Also, looking up words that you do know can show you alternate meanings or giving you perspectives on words that you had not thought of before.
  3. Use the study helps in the LDS editions of the scriptures.
  4. Liken the scriptures.
    1. Ask yourself how the fits in your own life or how the scripture possible is speaking to you and not just about others.
    2. Example, Moses 1:39 - Insert your name in place of the word man.
  5. Visualize
  6. Look for connecting words (and, but, because, therefore, and nevertheless).
  7. Look for patterns
    1. If then patterns (Leviticus 26:3-4, 18, 23-24, 40-42).
  8. Look for lists (Ten Commandments, Beatitudes).
  9. Ask questions.
  10. Questions in the scriptures and their answers.
    1. 3 Nephi 27:27 - What manner of men ought ye to be? Even as I am.
  11. Look for types and symbolic meaning.
    1. Parables
    2. 1 Nephi 11-14 - Lehi's vision
  12. Write
After Reading
  1. Ponder
    1. Joshua 1:8
    2. D&C 76:15-20;138:1-11
  2. Liken the Scriptures to Yourself.
    1. What Principles of the gospel are taught in the scriptures I just read?
    2. How do those principles relate to my life?
  3. Reread
  4. Write
  5. Apply
    1. "Feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do." 2 Nephi 32:3
The instructor said that the New Testament is arranged by type of book and not Chronologically.

Third Hour
For the fifth Sunday third hour meeting the bishop talked about things he wanted to see changed in the ward. Points he covered were as follows:
  • Not bringing food into the chapel.
  • Be in seats ten minute early.
  • Bear testimonies properly and end testimony meeting on time.
  • Keeping our homes clear. Not that there aren't toys on the floor or something, but clean like not dirty.
  • Stay in seats during sacrament. Very rairly should one have to leave the meeting. He talked about exceptions being people with health problems or people that have to take small children out to quiet them.
  • Sit in the chapel and only open the overflow when necessary.
  • The need to contribute to the ward mission fund since we have some many missionaries out and getting ready to go out.
  • Dressing modestly.

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