Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday December 3, 2006

Fast and Testimony Meeting
Lots of people in the ward seem to be having trials right now. Several are health related and several are home and family things. It is a hard thing to say, but it seems to be working as a catalyst to draw our members closer and also to bring people back to the church. Much like the trials my parents had when I was a kid caused them to seek out a church.

Sunday School
Daniel refused the king's meat because it violated the law of Moses and he then asked for things that were more healthy. Could this have been a precursor to the Word of Wisdom? Could this have been a part of the preparatory law preparing the people for the Word of Wisdom? The Word of Wisdom talks of hidden treasures of knowledge. The people talked of how Daniel was mentally sharper after the ten days.

Our lesson was based on the first presidency message from the December Ensign - Treasured Gifts - by President Thomas S. Monson.

The talk quoted a Christmas story about O. Henry. It was about a wife that sold her hair to pay for a chain for her husbands watch and her husband some his watch to pay for a comb for her hair. This story was contrasted against all of the things we see and hear about buying these extravagant gifts for people. I hear all year round commercial for jewelry and how buying these expensive jewelry pieces will "show her your love."

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