Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday June 10, 2007

Ward Conference
Sacrament Meeting
Our bishop is a truck driver. He related a story of prayer while he was driving. It was interesting and humerous listening to his use of truck driving terminology in his story.

President Cowley of the stake presidency
Prayers are answered in three ways.
1. A warm feeling or in a way that communicates to us, perhaps in our "love language." - A positive answer.
2. A Stupor of thought - a negative answer.
3. Nothing - Some action is required by us.

The ward choir sang Jesus Name of Wondrous Love.

President Sinclair - President of the Indiana Indianapolis North Stake
The time has past when praying when praying once a day was sufficient to protect our families.

Sunday School
The Stake Sunday School President gave the lesson today.
Matthew 25 - Parable of the ten virgins
Oil - Testimony, preparedness
Virgins - Church Memebers
Groom - Jesus
Wedding - Jesus' Second Coming

Provident Living - self reliance and preparedness.
Our high councilman gave the lesson.
Financial Self Reliance
1. Pay tithing
2. Get out of debt and where possible don't get into debt.
3. Get an education.
4. Save.

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