Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday June 17, 2007

Sacrament Meeting
Fathers' Day
Many of society's problems are because of Father's not taking on their responsibilities.

Primary sang a song to fathers and one to grandfathers.

Sunday School
Our teacher was back and we went over the parable of the ten virgins again and also the parable of the talents.

The teacher shared that when she joined the church if someone told her that she would teach Sunday school one day she may not have stayed with the church or at least told them that she would never do that. It reminded me a bit of my own parents refusing to speak in church or teach Sunday school lesson when we first joined the Church. They eventually grew into that. I'm sure like me it still scares them to death, but they sometimes do it.

Our talents are not necessarily to profit others, but being faithful in using them may teach us about ourselves and help us to grow in confidence and spiritualality.

Integrity-The willingness and ability to live by our beliefs and commitments.We talked about returning things that we borrow and repairing or replacing them if we break them.
We talked about keeping our covenants. Marriage coventants(to honor our wives), baptisimal covenants(to obey God), and so forth.

We talked about losing our integrity by not acting when could, but aren't necessarily compeled to by commitment. Avoiding sins of ommission.

The last ten minutes of class they had pie for the men for Father's day.

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