Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday September 16, 2007

-Relief Society Broadcast Dinner - September 29 at 6:00pm at the stake center.
-Special Temple Recommend Reassignment - This was previously scheduled for September 23 from 12-1, but has been postponed until further notice.
-Temple Gardening Assignment Louisville, Kentucky Temple. A temple recommend is not required for this service project. (Contact the high priest group leader if you can attend)
-Storehouse Assignment - September 18th 6am. Contact your priesthood leaders if you can attend.
-Many emails are being returned or failed due to old email addresses or blockages. Ward members are being asked to update their email information on the ward web site.

Sacrament Meeting
1st Speaker
Supporting Ward Leaders
When we raise our hands to sustain our leaders we are not voting for them. We are binding ourselves to help them. Leaders, if they were voted in, would be accountable to the people. Because they are called of God they are accountable to God. They may be accountable for the people, but not to the people.

How do we sustain our leaders?
-Obeyng their council.
-Praying for them.
-Paying our tithes and offerings that they may have adequate resources to serve those under their stewardship.

2nd Speaker
He started by talking about being in the ward when it was created from the 2nd ward. he talked about different families that are now that were here then and what he remembered about them from when he was a youth.

He talked about that the accient Church had apostles and prophets. He said that the current day Church has these offices too. He said that he had met some of these men. He testified that they were men of God.

He went to his sister's wedding at the Nauvoo temple yesterday.

He noted that if this church had been the work of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, or anyone else it would not have withstood the trials it has been put through in the early years.

Sunday School
Trials and Adversity
The instructor related that her husband had been complaining to someone about their son's room being a mess. The person asked if the son was into drugs or if he had been arrested. The father said no to both. He then realized that the room may have been an issue that needed to be addressed, but maybe wasn't near as big a deal as what he was making it out to be.
One in the class gave the perspective said that he asks himself as he is worry about things and asks himself if it is life threatening. If so he finds that he can more easily bring it into perspective and not worry so much about it.

Elder's Quorum
Chapter 18 - Teachings Spencer W Kimball - Honorable, Happy, Successful Marriage.
What are signs of a honorable, happy, successful marriage? Here are some opinions from class:-Being comfortable holding your wife's hand in public is one sign.-You world should revolve around your wife. She should not be a satelite around your world.
Trends in the world are frustrating the plan that Heavenly Father has for those individuals. The thought that men and women have no need for each other or that if they do they have no need for marriage. 'The Lord has said that in order to obtain the highest of the three heavens or degrees of glory in the celestial kingdom, "a man must enter into this order of the priesthood [meaning the new and everlasting covenant of marriage];"And if he does not, he cannot obtain it." (D&C 131:2-3.)'
There was a lot of comments about media and the trend to belittle others in a joking manner. It was expressed in a couple of different ways by a couple of different people that belittling your spouse in anyway is dangerous.
One of the brothers shared the five love languages from a book that was written recently.

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