Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday September 2, 2007

Testimony Meeting
Nothing to report.

Sunday School
We talked about the differences of opinions that were taking place in the early Church. The contensions about taking the gospel to the gentiles and also about blending the law of Moses into the gospel. Even the brethren contended these points. Revelation from God came and settled it.

We saw some of this after Joseph Smith's death. As different people were contending over who should lead the church.

We also see this among the various churches as doctrines are debated and various people have their opinions about what the scriptures say.

Elder's Quorum
The prophet has counceled us to look at our finances and get out of debt. In this months Ensign magazine there was an insert of finances. We talked about this a bit.

In the insert there was an exerpt of a talk from October 1998 General Conference by President Hinckley.
"I urge you, brethren, to look to the condition of your finances. I urge you to be modest in your expenditures; discipline yourselves in your purchases to avoid debt to the extent possible. Pay off debt as quickly as you can, and free yourselves from bondage.

"...If you have paid your debts, if you have a reserve, even though it be small, then should storms howl about your head, you will have shelter for your wives and children and peace in your hearts. That’s all I have to say about it, but I wish to say it with all the emphasis of which I am capable." (Ensign Nov 1998, 54)

In the insert there were also exepts from talks from the rest of the first presidency and a budget worksheet.

The following principles were shared to gain a few months' reserve.
  • Pay an honest tithe and give a generous fast offering.
  • Avoid debt.
  • Use a budget to record expenses and plan spending.
  • Save some money, if only a few coins each week.
  • Teach family members these principles.

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