Sunday, March 15, 2009

Church Services This Week at Sullivan Hollow Second Ward Weber Heights Stake Ogden Utah 3-15-09

March 29 – Fast Sunday

Priesthood Opening
Mosiah 23:10
10 Nevertheless, aafter much btribulation, the Lord did hear my cries, and did answer my prayers, and has made me an cinstrument in his hands in bringing dso many of you to a knowledge of his truth.

Elders’ Quorum
Chapter 29: Living with Others in Peace and Harmony 339–48
Why should we treat each others well?

  • It changes society and eventually comes back to us.
  • It changes our hearts and character.
What is the difference between cowardice and humility? When you're humble you show your enemies you mean them no harm. Humility teaches a person's spirit more about Christ than than wearing a cross around our neck.

We have righteous desires to defend our families and religion, but the natural man pushes us to anger, aggression, and justice instead of mercy.

Sunday School
Lesson 11: “The Field Is White Already to Harvest” 58
If we always just do missionary work only because we are supposed to it stunts our growth.

We need to always be prepared to share the gospel. If we're watching, doing, thinking, or saying what we should not, then we are not prepared. If we're not studying, pondering, and praying about the gospel we are not prepared. Always be prepared because you never know when you will receive a missionary opportunity.

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

Thrust in your sickle. Don't just stand there swinging it around.

Sacrament Service
A missionary that returned from a mission to Taiwan. He rented to many people who have no concept of God. That was difficult for him to relate to.

The Church does not claim to be a Christian church. It claims to be the Church of Jesus Christ.

The church is either what it claims to be or the greatest fraud ever perpetrated.

One can believe the Church is true and never do anything about it. Belief is not faith. Faith is action.

The walk from Egypt to Israel is not like walking across the street, but it isn't far enough to take a generation to get there. God used the journey to prepare His people. What things in our lives, that appear to be going on too long are to prepare us?

From the Bulletin
What is the cost of discipleship? It is primarily obedience. It is the forsaking of many things. But since everything in life has a price, it is a price worth paying, considering that the great promise of the Savior is for peace in this life and eternal life in the life to come. It is a price we cannot afford not to pay. (President James E.Faust, “The Price of Discipleship,” Ensign, April 1999, 2)

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