Sunday, January 08, 2012

Church Services This Week at Sullivan Hollow Second Ward Weber Heights Stake Ogden Utah January 1-8-2012

We talked about the new FamilySearch guide "To Turn the Hearts". -> menu -> serving in the church -> other callings -> temple and
family history -> leader resources

Elders Quorum
We had our first lesson out of "The Teachings of George Albert Smith" manual.

George Albert Smith's health wasn't great while he was prophet.

“‘Mormonism,’ so-called, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, consequently it is the power of God unto salvation to all those who believe and obey its teachings. It is not those who say, ‘Lord, Lord,’ who enjoy the companionship of His spirit but those who do His will [see Luke 6:46].” (George Albert Smith,  
In Conference Report, Apr. 1913, 28–29)

“The world seems to think that they can come whenever they are ready. Our Father’s children do not understand that there is some preparation to be made. The adversary has so deceived them as to make them believe that no preparation is necessary, anything will do, but in this message that the Savior gave in a parable to his associates we are informed that there must be some preparation, and without that preparation no one will be permitted to partake of the more precious gifts of our Heavenly Father. That applies to the membership of this Church who have an idea that because they have been invited, and because their names appear upon the record among those who have been called, there is nothing more for them to do. … They have forgotten the Lord and are not preparing for the feast to which he has invited them.” (George Albert Smith, In Conference Report, Oct. 1930, 66–68) [See Matthew 22:1–3, 11–14.]

Sunday School
Father Lehi
1 Nephi 1,2,5,7

This spiritually powerful, convincing testimony that Jesus Christ is indeed the promised Messiah—the anointed Son of God, sent to earth to bring about the resurrection of all men and the spiritual cleansing of those who will repent and follow Him—is framed within the history of families.
The Book of Mormon begins with a family, a father and mother, sons and daughters heeding the revelation of their prophet-father to leave their worldly goods behind and follow the counsel of the Lord. The book’s accounts are replete with parents seeking to instill in their children the promise and hope of Jesus Christ.” (ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSEN, The Book of Mormon: Strengthening Our Faith in Jesus Christ, Ensign October 2011)

The Lord seems to administer punishments to his people to get them to repent in increasing levels if they do not repent.  Afflictions, bondage, captivity, destruction.

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