Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday May 14, 2006

Sacrament Meeting - Mother's Day
The point was brought out that Eve was called the mother of all living before she bore any children. One expressed the opinion that motherhood starts at when girls are born. They also pointed out that unless taught otherwise woman do mother things naturally.

Does mother of all indicate some sort of stewardship to take care of the earth and all creatures on it?

They talked about men having to be given something (priesthood) to be saviors of men.

Sunday school
We talked about the order of things as the Lord called Joshua to take Moses' place.

The left the 12 stones by the Jordon river as another reminder to them, like the many other things they were required to do.

We talked about not talking bad about other religions. Someone gave the quote, "Don't tear down another man's house in order to be able to build him a new one."

I thought on that a bit. If I build my neighbor new house and then let him move into it when he is ready he will probably be grateful. If I burn down his house just so I can build him a new one or even if I already have it built and then burn down his existing house, thus forcing him to move he will probably resent me.

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