Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday May 21, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
The speakers talked today about serving others. The following points were brought out:
  • Even though we should encourage each other, we should avoid calling others to repentance.
  • Be friendly to everyone, even those that aren't like us. Sometimes it is hard to be close with someone that does not have our interests or is not in our social circle or is not at our education level. We must learn to be close to all mankind.
  • We should impart our substance to each other.
  • We will never acheive perfection so long as we are mostly concerned with our ours needs. We even do this with our own needs at church. I have seen people grumbling about having a hard time hearing a Sunday school lesson because a mother has a baby in the room and it is fussing a little. I agree that there comes a point that they need to be taken out, but the rest of us also should cut them some slack in order for them to be able to get some of the lesson.

    There were a couple of other key points brought out.
  • When you walk where he is going then you can talk about where you are are going.
  • We deny the Savior through our actions every day. We are sometimes judgemental of Peter for denying Christ 3 times before the cock crowed, but do our actions testify that the Church is true and that the atonement has power that others need?
Sunday School
After Joshua died the people were ruled by judges.

Some nations were not completely conquered to bring Israel into humility later.

Being born with gifts can be a great blessing to you and others, but it can also be a trial of your humility. We gain power by recognizing God's hand and asking for guidance in the use of our talents.

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