Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday October 22, 2006

Our meeting schedule was reversed today due to needing to change our bishop. In order for the stake presidency to be there they needed to have Sacrament meeting last.

The instructor talked of a time when he knew of a minister that was studying with the missionaries. He commented on the sacrifice that would be required of that man to accept the gospel. He probably went to college to be a minister. If he choose to join the Church he will still be able to be a "minister", but he will have to get a different job and possibly start his education over again in order to get that job.

The instructor pointed out that Nephi's brother Jacob was eye witness to many miracles. He quoted from a conference talk or a scripture the phase, "Oh be wise. What can I say more?" If we are being wise in our behaviors we will be obeying the commandment. If we think about the things that we do. How many of them are foolishness and if we thought about what we were doing and tried to be wise would we be wetter off?

The instructor pointed out that we should focus on principle and people rather than on programs.

A phrase was used today that I know I have heard a while ago. "Catch others doing something right." We often catch others doing wrong or what we perceive to be wrong, but how many times do we recognize the good that others do? When they do a good parenting thing. When they go out of their way to help someone else.

We talked of motivating others with love and sincere appreciation and not with guilt.

Sunday School
I was reflecting back recently on illnesses my kids have had and how they have wanted to be held by me when taking medicine or cleaning a wound. It has made me think about the story of Joseph Smith getting his leg operated on. I have often thought about how hard that surgery would be for him and for his father to watch, but now I see a new perspective. How it is to have built a relationship with your children where just being held by you gives them comfort as they have pain and allows them to shoulder the pain.

Sacrament Meeting
They released Bishop Brown today and called Bishop Wagner. Everyone was saying good bye, so there was little to really document.

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