Saturday, October 28, 2006

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel - BYU Sperry Symposium 10-28-2006

Notes from an address given at the BYU Sperry Symposium on How the New Testament Came to Be.

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel - Professor Emeritus of Ancient Scripture - Brigham Young University
The Da Vinci Code, the Gospel of Judas, and Other Bad Ideas
He listed some bad ideas and then went on to discuss them:
1. We can learn something about Jesus Christ and early Christianity from The Da Vinci Code.
2. The Dead Sea Scrolls are proto-Mormon documents that can help us prove the Church is true.
3. The Gospel of Judas, along with other Gnostic texts such as the Nag Hammadi Library, provides insights into the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.
The New Testament apocrypha contains the “plain and precious things” removed from the Bible.
The 1611 King James Version is a new revelation from God and is superior to the original Hebrew and Greek texts on which the translation was based.
New Testament scholars are evil, they are atheists (agnostic at best), and they deserve to go to you-know-where.
Past Latter-day Saint scholarship is the best scholarship.
The Joseph Smith Translation is only a footnote to the King James Version text.

He recommended David Daniell's book, The Bible in English as the best book on the history of the English Bible to that date.

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