Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday October 8, 2006

Fast Sunday
Sacarment Meeting
Many expressed gratefulness for having conference last week.

One brother expressed an interesting thought. He said that his sister had told him before, in trying to teach him to be a better listener, that if you listen long enough, even to a fool, you will learn something.

Sunday School
We watched a video called Touch of the Master's Hand that was a video representation of the story about the beat up old violin at an auction. It was being auctioned for only a few dollars. Then someone came from the back and cleaned and tuned it. They then played a song on it. After that it was auctioned for thousands.

The short video was all we had time for since the testimonies given in sacrament meeting ran us way long, but the teach gave us a handout that I have entered below.

"The Wonderful Things the Savior has Done for Us."
  1. The Savior opens the door to Heavenly Father's presence (Isaiah 22:22).
  2. The Savior shows mercy for those in Spirit Prison (Isaiah 24:21-22).
  3. The Savior is a strength and a refuge (Isaiah 25:1-4, 32:1-2).
  4. The Savior will prepare a feat and destroy the vail (Isaiah 25:6-9).
  5. The Savior wipes away our tears (Isaiah 25:8).
  6. The Savior will bring the resurrect (Isaiah 26:19).
  7. The Savior is our sure foundation (Isaiah 28:19).
  8. *The Savior will restore the gospel to the earth (Isaiah 29:4, 9-14, 18, 24).
  9. The Savior knows our trials and directs our paths (Isaiah 30:19-21).
*Isaiah 29:4 -> Moroni 10:27
Isaiah 29:9-10, 13 -> Joseph Smith - History 1:18-19
Isaiah 29:11-12 -> Joseph Smith - History 1:63-65
Isaiah 29:14 -> Doctrine and Covenants 4:1, 6:1

We went over Chapter 10 of Teachings of the Prophets, Wilford Woodruff titled Following the Living Prophet.

We talked about that different prophets seem to have a theme or something that they particularly drive. President Bensen's theme many would say was to read the Book of Mormon. We asked what President Hinckley's would be. He seems to be focused on getting temples to the people, but also on strengthening the youth. Examples of this would be the statements that missionaries need to prepare better before their missions. They should no longer live a wayward life and then repent before going on their mission.. They should also no longer gain their testimony after they are on their mission. They need to have a testimony before they leave.

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