Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday November 26, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
Thomas Edison was deaf by the time he was a teenager. He was self taught from the time he was a young age. Einstein had education, but Edison persevered to get his knowledge. He invented the phonograph in spite of being deaf.

In England Solitaire is called Patience. Buddhism has patience as one of the six things needed to attain. As time went on, the scriptures has more references per author on patience. Do we have more problems with impatience in our day?

Patience is not indifference.

Impatience may indicate that out timetable is more important than the Lord's.

Sunday School
Whenever a temple is dedicated we do a hosanna shout. It is because it is a grand spiritual event when a new temple is operating on the earth.

Ezekiel says that the lord walks in his temples.

Ezekiel 47 - The water is the Gospel. It is the truths that come out of the temple. Truth will heal that war torn land.

M Russel Ballard's talk from last conference on being wise.

Jacob, brother of Nephi - wants to know if his people are going to reject the words like the Lamanites did. He tells them, "Oh be wise. What can I say more?"

Focus on people not the programs.

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