Sunday, February 04, 2007

Saturday February 3, 2007

There was a black history event at the building where the White River ward meets. They had an hour and a half meeting that I think was supposed to be an hour. A few people spoke. There was a black lady from the Zionsville ward, member of a bishopric in one of the wards in the stake, and Brother Gill from our ward. A black brother from the stake high council conducted the meeting. President Cowley spoke last. The stake president was going to be there and speak, but he got called away on business. He talked about black friends he had growing up. He also talk about being a military kid in the south. He said that they built a special school for the military kids because they did not want them segregated. They wanted them to not have any division in the ranks.

There were at least two black people that were not members of the church.

After that meeting we all went to the cultural hall. They had displays with things that are happening in the church in Africa. They had printouts of various famous black people. They had African art displays.

There were also food samples and the Gills played some jazz.

They had a black lady from town who does bible readings come in and do a reading.

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