Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday February 25, 2007

Sacrament Meeting
The bishop challenged everyone in the ward to pray twice a day, morning and night. He said that there are things that are only withheld from us because we don't take the time to ask Heavenly Father for them.

Sunday School
The Beatitudes
Ye heard that it was said?: But I say unto you:
Thou shalt not kill.(Matt 5:21) Do not get angry.(Matt 22)
Thou shalt not commit adultary.(Matt 5:27) Avoid lustful thoughts.(Matt 5:28)
Perform oaths unto the Lord.(Matt 5:33) Keep your word.(Matt 5:34-37)
An eye for an eye.(Matt 5:38) Turn the other cheek.(Matt 5:39-40)
Love thy neighbor and hate thy enemy.(Matt 5:43) Love your enemies.(Matt 5:44-47)

Talk from last conference M Russle Ballard Oh Be Wise.

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