Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday August 12, 2007

Sacrament Meeting
Stake conference is next week. Saturday: Leadership meeting 4-6pm. Adult session 7-9. Sunday: 10-noon.

Baptism for the dead is a way to serve others. Baptism is a physical ordiance, so it must be done in mortality. Many did not have the gospel in their area before they died and others are getting a second chance before resurrection and the opportunity closes.

A brother gave a talk in Spanish and a missionary translated. He talked about going to the temple with his family for the first time three years ago. He talked of the peace and cleanness in the temple. He said that he had been shaving and blood ended up on his collar by the time they reached the temple. He was concerned that his shirt was not white to enter the temple. One of the workers dabbed a little water on his collar and cleaned it off. He was amazed that they were able to get it clean so easily.

He said that recently they were to go to the temple and traffic was terrible and was going to prevent him from being able to go. He prayed as he traveled and the cars parted and he was able to make it on time.

He said that the greatest thing for a hispanic in america is having a job and a car. He said that for him and his family it was finding the church.

Sunday school
Teacher shared that she always felt that it was unfair that people in old times got to have prophets and that direct guidence from God. When she heard that the church had prophets she was very excited. As a continuance of that, years later when President Hinkley state that women were not to have more than one piercing in their ears and men were to have none and no one was to have tatoos she was also excited. She had more than one piercing in her ears and was happy to receive guidence from God through a prophet.

We talked about the similarity between the gentiles receiving the gospel in Peter's day and blacks receiving the priesthood in our day. The gentiles were a people that had been separated by their culture from the Jews. In our day events separated blacks and whites. The Lord kept those separations in place for a time and then said that those things needed to change.

A brother related on how one of the Church magazine's name was changed years ago and what a number of letters that generated to the Church offices. He was comparing that to who grumble about other policy changes.

There were those that grumbled about giving blacks the priesthood and some that grumble because it was ever kept from them. Just like in Peter's vision on food and giving the gospel to the gentiles what God commands does not necessarily match man's wisdom.

Elders' Quorum Meeting
Spencer W Kimball manual ch 15 We Should Be a Reverence People
It is more about what it is in our hearts than an outward action. Although our hearts will influence our outward action.

Guy shared that his mom said that if he wouldn't do something in front of he then they he shouldn't be doing it. She told him that when he got married then if he wouldn't do it in front of his wife then he shouldn't do it. He said that more accurately or to take it to the next level, if we would not do it in from of Jesus then we shouldn't do it.

We teach our kids to be reverent and fold their arms when leaving class and going to the bathroom. That may be all we can get to with a small child, but as adults we should be able to get a bit deeper with ourselves about reverence.

Reverence comes from the word revere. We should consider what it means to revere something.

What happened with you this week at church?

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