Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sunday July 29, 2007

Sacrament Meeting
One of the youth reported on the youth conference we just had. The conference had been scheduled to start Thursday. Due to the service project needing to be changed and not as much labor being needed on it as had been needed on the originally scheduled project the start day of the conference was moved to Friday. Initially the youth grumbled about that and some were pretty determined to not have a good time because of it, but in the end many of those youth were very moved by the experience.

The first adult speaker related a story from the emergency room. A fifteen year old was brought after crashing a car he had stolen. The parents of the boy were blaming the incident on the owner of the car for not having locked the doors.

I believe the first speaker referenced The Gift by Blaine M. Yorgensen. For some reason I made a note about it, but can't find it online to refresh myself on why I made a note about it.

Second Speaker
There are 6 steps to repentance and none of them include excuses, denial, and blaming others.

The book of Ether has 2 examples of repentance. One a righteous man and on not so righteous. One repented quickly and one was slow to get around to repenting.

Join Priesthood and Relief Society Meeting

The bishop showed a standard organization pyramid where there are a few people on top like a CEO and such. He then showed an inverted pyramid with the bishop on the bottom.
He talked of several areas where we do well in supporting our bishop. Things like funerals where people assist witht he setup and such.

He then talked of an area where we need to do a lot better. Home and visiting teaching. He said that in home teaching the men are getting to about one family a month per home teaching companionship. There are a lot of people that we can't find or who are not active in church that can be difficult to get to, but the numbers reflect that we aren't even getting out to see those that are active.

It is the responsibility of everyone who has taken on them the name of Christ to take care of each other.

What happened with you this week at church?

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