Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday August 19, 2007

Stake Conference
There was a small orchestra and choir made up of members of the stake that provided some of the music. The orchestra did the prelude music, which seemed to have a nice effect.

Sister Corey - Wife of the President of the Indianapolis Indiana Mission
She introduced herself. She said that President Faust extended their call to this mission to them. They were called recently.

President David L. Corey, President of the Indianapolis Indiana Mission
He read part of the dedication prayer of the kirtland temple (D&C 109:55-57). He also read some of the acceptance (D&C110:7-9,11-15). This where the prophet Elijah returned and restored the sealing power.

He cited a couple of passages on missionary work.
James 5:19-20 - If we help to convert one from error then we will save a soul from death and hide a multitude of sins.
Mosiah 18:30 - He substituted the name Indiana in this verse for the word Mormon. Just as those at the waters of Mormon were converted were blessed and beautiful, so will be those that we bring to a knowledge of the Redeemer here in Indiana.

Stake Relief Society President
She talked of being content with her meager home when she first got married until she visited with someone else who had a bigger and fancier house. She then read that in Heavenly Father's house there are many mansions (John 14: 2). She then realized that following Heavenly Father is where her happiness and peace would come.

She talked about an exercise that she witnessed where one was blind folded and stood in the middle of a circle of others. The blind folded were to fall and be caught by the others. When they would call out that they were ready to catch every blind folded person turned their back to the same young man. They knew his voice and that they could trust him.

President Glen Moyes 2nd Councilor in Stake Presidency
He quoted 1 Nephi 2:6-7 about sacrafice. He talked about that sacrafices have been required of God's people to be as a similitude of the Savior's sacrafice for us. What are we called upon to sacrafice today? Money for tithes and offerings, time for service, time for attending an inconvenient meeting, or a new TV in order to be prepared with food in storage and money in our savings account.

He shared an experience by Elder Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Elder Eyring said that he and his father volunteered to pull weeds in one of the church's fields. At the end of the day someone came and told his dad the weeds he had pulled had been sprayed and would've been dead in a few days anyway. His dad laughed thinking that it was a funny irony. He asked his dad how he could laugh about wasting so much time for nothing. His father responded that he wasn't there for the weeds.

President Paul Sinclair - President of the Indiana Indianapolis North Stake
He said that he hoped that we have been taking notes. Not of what the speakers said, but of the things that the spirit speaks to us about what the speaker is saying.

He also said that he came across the Dangerous Book for Boys in a book store. It had essential things that boys should know and what gear boys should have in their pockets, under their beds, or in their car trunk. He said that his talk was going to be much the same for us.

The first thing the book said that every boy should have is a swiss army knife, because it is so versitile. He said that the first thing we should all have with us is the scriptures. Have them in your heart and mind more than just have them crammed in your pocket. The scriptures will help us avoid and get out of danger.

The next thing a boy should have is a compass. For us that would be to have the Holy Ghost with us. It will direct us and make sure we are going in the right direction.

The next thing a boy could have is a hankerchief. For us this would be the covenants we have made.

A magnifying glass. Our callings.

Shooter marble. We should carry the symbols of who we want to be. CTR rings, YW madalions.

Box of matches. Testimony.

He talked of having a car that his teenaged children use. He said he needed to take the car in for work to be done on it. He opened the trunk to put something in it and found several things that his kids apparently thought they might need. A sled, in August. A car seat for a younger sibling. A tamborine. A length of rope. As he moved things around to fit what he had into the trunk he found two sacrament trays. One for bread and one for water. His son had been doing his duty to take the sacrament to those that were physically unable to come out to church.

What happened with you this week at church?

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