Thursday, November 20, 2014

Church Services This Week at Ridge Crest Ward Northridge Stake Layton Utah Regional Teacher Training 20 November 2014

Regional Teacher Training
He played basketball for BYU and in the NBA for a short time.  He also played professionally in Spain and France.

He served his mission in the Madrid Spain Mission.  He served as president of the Texas Dallas Mission.  He is now the second counselor in the General Sunday School Presidency.

Be a little better and try a little harder.

Take teaching from the classroom to the home.

Ask thought provoking questions.

Luke 24:17
17 And he said unto them, What manner of communications are these that ye have one to another, as ye walk, and are sad?

Jesus was receiving revelation to know where students were at in their thinking and what was on their minds.  He guided them to work out the issues they were pondering in their minds and in their hearts with questions and moments to let them ponder.

Teaching the saviors way. Find the core teaching principles.

1, Love those your teach
2, Prepare yourself spiritually
3, Teach by the spirit
4, Teach doctrines from the scriptures
5. Discover the doctrine together
6. Invite to act

Allow others to express themselves by asking them questions. Questions promote thought,  not only in the one being asked,  but also in the whole class.

Do not be afraid of silence that questions might temporarily bring.

Don't stifle participation because we have a lot of material to get through.

He is now the second counselor in the General Sunday School Presidency.

He has been a professor and has contributed to The Encyclopedia of Mormonism.

He is a published poet and wrote the words to the hymn "Bless Our Fast We Pray".

Most great teachers are great learners.

Make frequent eye content with the students.

Give opportunities for the students to take what they need,  rather than just dumping material on top of them.

If you are ultra focused on what you are teaching,  then you may miss what your students are learning.

We need to help students understand with their hearts and not just with their minds.

Youth can go through the church programs and come out the other side without a testimony if they are just spectators.

Find ways to invite students to act.

Create an environment where our students feel safe to ask questions.

He is the General Sunday School President.

He is a lawyer and went to BYU.  He served in the Eastern Atlantic States Mission as a young missionary.  He a general authority for a time and in the presidency of the Seventy.

The two great teaching Commandments
1. Prepare yourself spiritually
2. Love those your teach.

Prepare yourself
-live what you teach
-treasure up continually
-study the gospel first

Keep files of things we learn that we can refer back to when we have lessons or talks.

Love those your teach
-reach out to those not attending

We are here to build disciples of Jesus Christ.

The lesson does not have to be dull,  but should be more than whipped cream.

Samuel W Clark Jr
I believe he is our regional general authority.

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