Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday April 23, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
Anthony Cool is leaving on his mission to the West Virginia Charleston Mission. Him, his mom, and his sister spoke.

He talked of trying not to fix everything about yourself all at once. He said that you can get very frustrated and discouraged with yourself.

Sunday School
We had the same lesson this week that we had at my parents' ward last week.

We talked of Israel moving toward the promise land, but continually looking back to what they had in Egypt. That kept them from being able to have faith in what was coming in the promised land.

Manna mean "What is this?"

Someone asked if the seven leaders called by Moses were the beginnings of the presidency of the seventy.

The point of the lesson seemed to be to support our leaders and not overstep our stewardship.

At one point we got off on a little bit of a tangent. The question was asked that if we want our families to be strong what are we doing about it? Do we fast and pray or yell to try to set things straight?

Relationships are strengthened by service. This includes work, church, and family relationships. Something interesting to think about as we get frustrated with those around us.

The lesson was based on a talk by Dallin H. Oaks. I think the subject was leading righteously. It was the one where he talked about being raised by his mother and what a strong woman she was and how it frustrated her to see men leading their homes unrighteously.

We touched on the need to have personal interviews with our children.

We also talked of the need for children to see that conflict and discipline can be resolved without anger.

Priesthood can't be used to serve ourselves. The gospel points us to the importance of serving others.

We get released from callings in the church, but not from are callings to be part of families. I think this speaks to just waiting for children to get out of the house. I think it also speaks to people that disown their family members because they make a bad choice or a choice that we perceive as bad.

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