Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday April 30, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
One sister spoke of being born again and how it is sometimes misunderstood. She talked of someone stating that they were born again since they had stated that they believed in Christ.
The sister speaking today talked of being born again being born of the water and the spirit. She talked of this meaning baptism and the gift of the holy ghost. She said that believing in Christ was faith, which drives one to being born again.

She talked of being born again also comes from the death of our old lifestyle.

A brother spoke and he based his talk on a talk by M Russle Ballard. He spoke of the doctrines of Inclusion and Exclusion. He said that we needed to reject the doctrine of exclusion and embrace the doctrine of inclusion.

This has to do with not associating with those not of our faith or not of our race.

This is about knowing who our neighbors are. It also has to do with socializing with other no matter their race or religion. I believe this to be true, but what about those who beliefs bring bad things to our families. Is it possible to expect that we can be with them and not be negatively impacted by their ways?

Sunday School
We talked of the children of Israel wondering in the wilderness because of their lack of faith when they got to the promise land.

We talked of continuing to pray for things after the Lord has said no. An experience was shared about a lady that had prayed to marry a man. She felt that she had been told no and then she continued to pray and was told no. She finally got a yes answer and she ended up marrying him and had a horrible seven month marriage.

This discussion was prompted by talking about Balaam and his asking the Lord over and over again if it was okay to curse the chilren of Irael.

Joint Priesthood and Relief Society
We watched a video on the guy who found the Book of Mormon and the title page was gone, so he had no idea what the book was and how he spent his life looking for the church that it belonged to.

During the last fifteen minutes we had to excuse ourselves and got to help Jason with his talk. I went up and read a poem from the Friend in his ear and he recited it. He was violently against giving the talk when we went to church, but got up readily when it was his turn.

Alison gave the closing prayer.

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