Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday September 10, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
Temptation is part of God's plan, but is not of God.

One of the talks was based on H Bruce Hafen's conference talk from the last general conference. They related the part of the talk where as a you boy he was hunting with his new bow and arrow. He lost an arrow and was very concerned because he only had three and his mom wanted him home by dark. He knelt and prayed and when he opened his eyes the arrow was right near him.

Heavenly Father doesn't consider such things too trivial to get involved in. Do we consider the little things our children ask for too trivial to deal with?

How do we keep the light of Christ? Scripture, temple, service, and missionary work. We use it and fuel it at the same time.

Sunday School
The book of Hosea.
They used stories and similitudes since many of the people were not educated. They used things they were familiar with.

Lesson 17 in the Wilford Woodruff manual

One missionary related a similar experience to President Woodruff. He said that even though he had lived in a town where he went by a temple all the time it still caught his eye and made him feel nice to see it.

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