Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunday September 17, 2006

This week we visited my parents' ward in Elkhart, Indiana.

Sacrament Meeting
Individual worth
Women's roles necessary to God's plan. To help spirits live and help souls be lifted is her divine mission.

One of the speakers noted that J Edgar Hoover said that the cure for crime is not the electric chair, but the high chair.

Mission of the Relief Society:
To emphasize the divine worth of all women. To server and support each sister (active, inactive, or non member).

Sunday School
Stand ye in Holy Places. Take a holy place with you.

The lesson was on the first six chapters of Isaiah. The Savior said, "Great are the words of Isaiah." 3 Ne. 23: 1
Even though his words are great people avoid reading them, because they find them hard to understand.

When Nephi quoted the words of Isaiah the words were only about 150 years old. It would be akin to us quoting Joseph Smith or Brigham Young today.

A church leader once said that only the home can compare to the temple in sacredness.

In opening exercises the president of the South Bend, IN stake, Chester Gibson, spoke for a moment. He was my bishop when I was a teenager and when went on my mission.

President Gibson talked of how he saw worry on some of the face of the congregation today. He related the story of the Lord sleeping on the ship while it was storming. If the savior is resting calming through a storm, should we worry?

I think I have heard him say this before, but he said it again today. "Worry is interest paid on a debt before it is due." I like to add that it is interest paid on a debt that we may not owe.

The lesson in Elders' quorum was on Chapter 18 from the Wilford Woodruff manual.

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