Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 30 - October 1, 2006

General Conference
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Saturday Morning Session
Topics covered in this session
-Sacramento Temple
-First Generation members. They are important to their posterity. They must be valiant.

Saturday Afternoon Session
Topics covered in this session
-The importance of the scriptures
-Elder Hales stated - "When we want to speak to him we pray. When we want him to speak to us we read our scriptures."
-Elder Wirthlin talked about the resurrection and those of his family who have passed on. The Lord was killed on a Friday and rose on a Sunday. Elder Wirthlin testified that many things will happen on this earth. Our friends and family will day, but Sunday will come.
-One speaker talked of air ports that were built over landfills. He said that if he went to those airports and started digging up the runways to find his old garbage they would be cross with him and perhaps ask why he would want to dig up some so beautiful and useful to get to his old garbage.
-Elder Uckdorf spoke on righteous motives and testimonies. A testimony give proper perspective and motivation.
-Elder Scott talked about peace and happiness.

Priesthood Session
-Elder Eyring talked about the importance of strong priesthood quorums. He also talked about Deacon's quorum presidents stepping up and being a quorum leader and not just a 12 year old kid.
-Many of the talks talked about what it means to be men. President Hinckley closed the session and talked about the men of the church rising up. He talked of being men of God in our dress and in our speach. He talked about being men of God in getting education to provide for our families. It appears that as time goes on the plainess and blodness with which our leaders are addressing us is increasing. Just like the standard for young men serving missions it seems that just showing up for church is not enough. Many of the men of the church are letting pieces of the world take home in us.

Sunday Morning Session
-President Monson - Service
-Elder L. Tom Perry - Lots of media and technology that can confuse us with their messages. He also talked about the purpose of life and the restoration.
-Edgerly talked about honesty.
-Primary president talked about protecting children.
-Elder Nelson talked about the apostasy, the scattering of Israel, the gathering of Israel, and the restoration. He said that if there was no Book of Mormon then the gathering of Israel could not occur.
-President Hinckley talked about his health. He seemed positive and seemed to just want to address all of the speculation. He also talked about the pioneers.

Sunday Afternoon Session
-Elder Packer talked about standards and obedience. He said that if we are obedient we need not fear the things going on in the world around us.
-Elder Bednar talked of being offended. He talked about being offended is not something someone does to us, but a choice that we make. He said that there was a person that went inactive over milk, yet Brigham Young was publicly rebuked by Joseph Smith and he went on to be a Prophet. He quoted Neal A. Maxwell who said that the Church was not a rest home for the perfect.
-One of the speakers quote Neal A Maxwell when he talked of the song Ye Elders of Israel. The song says Babylon we bid thee farewell. Elder Maxwell said that too many leave, but keep a summer home there.
-Elder Holland talked about coming and listening to a prophet's voice. He became very emotional and fervent that he had never been associated with any group of men that were more in touch with what is going on in the world, in spite of murmurings by some that they are not. The same murmurings that have been had throughout time.

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