Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday September 24, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
Brother Gill got his mission call. He is going to the New York Rochester mission.

The youth speaker talked about a girl he knows who didn't know who the missionaries were or what they did. He said that one day when they came to her door she though they were collecting money for charity. She said that she opened the door, handed them a dollar and then closed the door. She later found the dollar under the corner of the welcome mat, so it wouldn't blow away. The speaker then said that his brother was getting ready to go on a mission, "so if he knocks on your door don't give him a dollar."

Another speaker talked of thinking about missionary work when the Savior said, "Lovest thou me? Feed my sheep." They also touched on "Every man who has been warned must warn his neighbor."

We are missionaries in all ways and in all places. Do our lives make us missionaries for good or for evil? You may be the only standard works anyone will ever read. Will they read his image in you?

Sunday school
DnC 45:32, 87:8, 101:22 - Stand ye in holy places. AND be not moved.

Isaiah is quoted in the scriptures more than any other prophet. If they are quoted that much and the Savior said Isaiah's words were great, then we will probably be accountable for learning and understanding them.

The lesson was based on M Russell Ballard's conference talk from April 2006. Creating a Gospel Sharing Home.

Our families can be lessons for those that come in our home. They will see the gospel in our lives and the effect it has upon us.

One thing that I have thought about is praying for our food wherever we are. One as a way to be thankful for our food wherever, but also as a way to show a good example to those around us. I thought I read a talk that mentioned this at one time where they were recommending that we not do prayers in restaurants. I think it could have the opposite effect on those around. It could actually alienate them. Also prayers are sacred and doing them in a public place may not be appropriate.

We talked a little about the huge impact a well adorned dorm room can have. Most dorm rooms are a little irreverent and having one that shows the importance of the savior to you could really stand out and bring conversation.

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