Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday November 12, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
We have two young men leaving on missions this week and they spoke today.

One of the them related a survey of returned missionaries about what they felt they should've done before leaving on their missions that would've better prepared them. Many of them said they would've studied more and become more familiar with the scriptures.

It was stated that missionaries should focus less on prepared lessons and more on teaching by the spirit. That does not mean to go in blind and not prepare, but to not focus on getting through a lesson plan.

One of the speakers talked of having gone to the temple for the first time recently. I believe he said that he went through a couple the last week or so. He testified of the sacredness of the temple and that all should become worthy and attend often.

Our new stake high councilor spoke. He introcduced himself. He said that he and his family are new to the area. He said that his wife is an actress and has been in several, now syndicated, television shows.

In his talk he said that in the scriptures the Lord does not use the word mission. Instead he uses the phrase to gather. He also expressed tht the measure of a successful missionary is the degree to which they obey the mission rules. A successful life could be measure in much the same way.

Sunday School
I was mistaken. We did not get through all of Jeremiah last week.

We talked about the miracles Israel had seen and yet built a golden calf. Turn that around and what if they saw our day and how foolish would we seem to them with foolish things we do with all the miracles that are done around us?

Do we fish for men as seriously and passionately as fishermen and hunters do for game?

Chapter 21 Wilford Woodruff
Why does God allow suffering?
1. Sometimes it is caused by others or ourselves and we and they have our agency. God will not remove that.
2. Also our purpose here is to be tried. We are to prove that we will be faithful. God knows what we will do, so we are mostly proving it to ourselves.
3. We are strengthen by doing. We learn by overcoming. Learning is another of our purposes.

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