Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday November 5, 2006

Fast and Testimony Meeting
We have had a lot of trouble with irreverence in the chapel. Our new bishop has implemented some things to try to help with that. He has had the elders' quorum set up ushers to make sure the overflow curtain stays closed until a few minutes before the meeting starts, so that the chapel fills up more before going to the overflow. The ushers are also supposed to keep people who come late from entering the chapel during sacrament meeting.

We have also had trouble with testimony meeting running over every month. People would not only run long with their testimonies, but they would also get up when the meeting was already supposed to be over to sit in line on the stand. They announced today that they would like people to respect that they want the meeting to wrap up by five till the hour.

Sunday School
We did the entire book of Jeremiah today.
It was pointed out that different prophets have different missions. Each of us also have different missions. We should not be jealous of the callings that other people get. Jeremiah and Mormon were called to give an apostate people one last change, but not succeed in getting them to repent. Others have been called to be successful. Some prophets prosper. Some live in poverty. Some are tortured. Some are killed.

The lesson was based on a April 1996 conference talk given by Thomas S. Monson. The talk was titled Duty Calls.

Where does the path of duty lie? First is the duty to prepare. Second is the duty to serve. You must know your duty and learn what it is. Then you must do it.

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