Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday November 19, 2006

Sacrament Meeting
As the speaker spoke today about gratitude and the fact that the topic was inspired by it being the week of Thanksgiving, I thought about the excitement of the holidays and even gathering with friends that I have lost over the years. Holidays have become just time off of work. Gatherings with friends use to feel like I was going to miss something if I was not there. Now gatherings with friends feel mostly like work.

One speaker took parts of his talk from an article written by President Faust. It talked of how he grew up during the Great Depression. He said that they had homemade soap made from ashes. He said that they bathed once a week, so they were cleaner than when they got in the bath, but smelled worse and the soap was gritty and uncomfortable to use. Because of that he appreciates the soft soaps we have today that smell good. I don't ever want to go through something like the depression, but I do want to appreciate what we have more and not have an appetite for "better" things.

The speaker went on to talk about miracles that are around us every day. He talked of counting the miracles we see every day and giving thanks for them. There are a lot of things we don't pay attention to as miracles.

Sunday School
We talked of good shepherds and bad shepherds. Bad shepherds are self serving and do not have the welfare of the sheep in their minds and hearts. The difference between the good and the bad is is loving the sheep and just being there for the money. It came to my mind about our employment. Are we just there for the money or do we honestly do our best. This scripture is about teaching God's people, but it brought out other interesting thoughts to me.

Lesson 22 in the Teachings of Wilford Woodruff manual.
President Woodruff taught that those who labor with their education should also find ways to work manually. He said that we should not look down at manual work as being beneath us.

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